De G-Bloc products

Discover here our products, always made with the best recycled material for a superior quality. We can produce G-Bloc pallet blocks in rectangular or square form and in different heights. The G-Blocers can also ensure that they are thermally printed with the EPAL logo.

Rechthoekige G-Bloc

Rechthoekige G-Bloc
100 mm X 145mm
Rechthoekige G-Bloc EPAL
100 mm X 145mm

The G-Bloc products

Rectangular G-Bloc
100 mm X 145 mm
Rectangular G-Bloc EPAL
100 mm X 145 mm
Square G-Bloc
75 mm x 75 mm
Square G-Bloc
90 mm x 90 mm
Square G-Bloc
95 mm x 95 mm
Square G-Bloc EPAL
145 mm x 145 mm

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Ecologische palletblok


As raw material for G-Bloc pallet blocks we use recycled wood chips. In our state-of-the-art production facility in Bruges, those wood chips are carefully engineered and pressed into pallet blocks. G-Blocs combine the properties of solid pallet blocks with the advantages of pressed blocks from engineered wood. Result? A superior and constant quality.

Engineered wood


In order to deliver high-quality pallet blocks, we at G-Bloc apply strict requirements when inspecting our end products. We also have them tested by outside laboratories for ageing behaviour and formaldehyde emission. In this way, you are assured of a pallet block that fulfils in practice the promises made for it on paper.
- each individual block is tested for its dimensions and density.
- the pallet blocks are tested in the production department every hour for composition and nail retention.



G-Bloc and its pallet blocks are PEFC-certified. This means that all our products come from a sustainable forest, recycled and inspected sources. Because G-Bloc feels a strong sense of responsibility for the environment.