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Why G-Bloc?

Natural solid wood is a scarce resource that merits being reserved for valuable uses in a circular world. When applied as a pallet block, however, natural wood doesn´t last long in the chain. The G-Bloc therefore makes use exclusively of 100% post-consumer waste wood. In other words, it gives a second life (and a third, and a fourth ...) to natural wood and can in turn be recycled again without problems. A perfect example of the circular economy in practice - developed and manufactured in a high-tech environment designed to save energy! The G-Bloc has already been distinguished with the Innovation Award from the umbrella association Go4Circle.

100% recycled

The G-Bloc pallet block consists of 100% post-consumer waste wood, the perfect ecological raw material for a quality product. Even after its service life is finished, the G-Bloc maintains its sustainable character, because it can be completely recycled all over again. Looking for a pallet block in recycled wood ? Contact G-Bloc.

Engineered wood

G-Bloc is not only a more sustainable alternative for natural solid wood, it also strives to be a qualitatively superior solution. After all, this is engineered wood, meaning that the waste wood was prepared and assembled in such a way that the G-Bloc pallet blocks perform substantially better than natural wood in terms of density, nail-fastness, water resistance, phytosanitary properties … Moreover, these are pallet blocks with fixed dimensions and a constant quality. Thanks to this uniformity, the G-Bloc is also perfectly stackable and unstackable.

More economical, sustainable

More economical
You’ll also enjoy economic benefits from the G-Bloc. Directly, given that its cost price is lower than conventional pallet blocks from natural wood. But the G-Bloc also entails savings indirectly because they are customised with special precision. You no longer have to make any adaptations yourself. As a result, you can save a significant number of working hours, given that each cubic millimetre of G-Bloc isimmediately usable. Nor do any extra machines come into play. The superior quality will further also have a positive impact and make the pallet stronger and safer.

Beter Stackability

Every G-Bloc you order will have the exact same dimensions. Thanks to its virtually perfect finish, it is thus very stably stackable and so it can be easily stacked mechanically. It therefore takes up minimum space during transport or in your warehouse.


The G-Bloc is always packaged in consultation with you. Moreover, account is taken of the mode of transport, loading, unloading and unstacking, so that everything can take place very smoothly.


With G-Bloc you're at the right address! Have a question about the properties of the G-Bloc pallet blocks? Want to learn more about the high-tech production process? Or need help right away? The G-Blocers are always ready for you with their friendly service.

What makes G-Bloc so unique?

The company G-Bloc produces a high-quality pallet block from 100% post-consumer wood waste, to make full use of recycled wood waste. The perfect example of a circular economy, because once the pallet, in which the pallet blocks are processed, is at the end of her life, it will be recycled and there will be made pallet blocks again. “A cradle to cradle story”.