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Compressed wood | Engineered wood

First of all, what is compressed wood? It’s wood that is made from wood shavings and particles. These are bonded together
with an adhesive under heat and pressure.

The pallet blocks of G-Bloc have different
advantages. First of all, the blocks of compressed wood exist of 100%
post-consumer waste wood. So it’s a very ecological but high-quality product.
Even after its service life is finished, it can be recycled all over again.

Compressed wood is not only a more sustainable
alternative, it’s created in such a way that some of the properties are better.
For example, it’s more resistant to water than other wood, the nail-fastness is
better and many more.

At G-Bloc we create
compressed wood with fixed dimensions. That way the pallet blocks are easily
stackable. Furthermore, the pallet blocks are beneficial. The cost price of
compressed wood pallet blocks is lower than pallet blocks of natural wood.

Is the price-quality ratio important to you? Then compressed wood is what you are looking for.
Stop hesitating and contact us for more information.